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Green – Shoots – Recovery


“…It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours…”

Harry S. Truman

I was on holiday recently in Anglesey and during my stay was confronted with the harsh reality of the recession.  Words are easy to use and the daily dose of such words as credit and crunch and green and shoots and recovery adorn our newspapers and blogs.

Yet when we are faced with a visual image such words seem wholly inadequate.  Holyhead is at the end of the line literally.  Noted as a seaport and the main access and exit route to and from Ireland, the town has an estimated three million people passing through.  But that is it – they just pass through.

The town, like many coastal places such as Aberdeen and Maryport, sports pebble dash as the external décor of choice so a grey rainy day (British Summer Time) does not really give it a head start but the sight of the deserted main shopping street on what should have been a busy day with shops shuttered or boarded up brought home to me exactly how the recession looks in stark reality.

Notably the large Woolworths facia was in place but the shutters were down on property and estate agents, cafes and many more shops.

Of course the public servants and great benefactor that is the European Union have ploughed money into the area but as far as one can see the visible manifestation of this is a huge multi million pound grandly designed steel footbridge linking the street with the rail station and the ever improving A55 dual carriageway. There is ‘method in the madness’ of providing such ‘links’ but I also see a perversity in that such infrastructure only seeks to isolate the town even more.

It is a visual image of recession that is playing out again and again and Bodyproject and all business is not immune to such difficult times.  So all we ask is for those who write to use caution and judgement and most of all look at the visual signs and please avoid words such as green and shoots and recovery in the same sentence until places like Holyhead are vibrant again.