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It’s in the rules


“…While no minister has (yet) been found to be in breach of the law, many have ripped off the public purse as clinically as a mugger might part a grandma from her handbag…”

Daily Telegraph Comment 12th May 2009

The week that politics died!  Well, perhaps that is a little dramatic but the damage to reputation of politicians from all parties from Sinn Fein to Liberals from Conservatives to Labour is immense.

And the problem – yet again we could see this coming and the reputation damage was totally avoidable.  The problem is what I term organisational DNA.  It is hard coded into systems, management and people collectively and individually.

Virtually everyone can see the blatant and disgraceful expenses debacle for what it is other than the perpetrators who cling on to the rules and act like bleating victims rather than being accountable.  And they just don’t seem able to stop compounding the problem with the Speaker of the House blaming the press, unknown moles and even admonishing MPs for trying to start to sort things out.

Bodyproject is an SME business and therefore we are very strict on matters relating to expense.  Every penny is accounted for and every purchase has due authority and is in the category of essential.  SMEs have to work like that unlike monolithic organisations.  We treat other resources such as time in the same way recording every hour of activity.  We don’t need to be policed or regulated to do this we just know that it is a key element of business success. 

The MPs are in serious trouble.  They badly need help to recode the organisational DNA and they should look no further than SMEs to learn how things should be done in the real world.

Bodyproject would be happy to show them how