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Appearance on BBC Sunday Politics


I will be appearing on BBC Sunday Politics (North West) as a studio guest to promote Halite Energy Group’s plans to create the UKs biggest underground natural gas facility.

This project will be a major contributor to energy security but faces local objections.  I’d be interested to know what members of this group think as the project supports the national need and national planning energy/gas infrastructure policies, it also attracts major environmental enhancements in the area and has benefits for the local community and economy but, inevitably faces local protests.   Let me know your views (Watch BBC1 North West 11:00 GMT Sunday 5th February the regional section of this network programme transmits about half way through – please note BBC1 HD does not carry the regional output – if you are outside the region watch again via the BBC iPlayer)

Construction News – Reputation management and PR


Bodyproject contributes to Construction News article on reputation management and PR:

My company is called Bodyproject and we work with complex organisations that are trying to manage complex issues to complex stakeholders. There is a price to reputation that is part of a company’s intellectual capital.

We work with clients in construction, energy and waste management and often find that senior teams are so tied up with the book value that they forget that about 70-80% of their overall company value is actually in the intellectual capital.

A quick flick through Construction News or this website confirms this as you will see lots of information about numbers (schemes, financials) etc but little about the less tangible area of reputation unless reporting failures.

Risk management is part of the reputation mix but the biggest imperative is on how a company implements environmental and social aspects into their corporate governance. How they truly engage with stakeholders to gain insight and influence to protect and promote their reputation.

Too often this isn’t factored in (you can see it in Construction News with the constant reporting of numbers and book value type subject matter rather than that impacting intellectual capital) and hence we continue to see failures at the examples given above (BP, Toyota, RBS etc) – what is alarming is that many construction projects and companies still don’t seem to get it and so David is right they need to seek the expertise to help them (I would say that as a consultant wouldn’t I)

It is not just PR etc – it’s real stakeholder management and integrated marketing communications. Those that do seek help won’t end up as reputation casualties.