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A tonic for the troops


“…You don’t know what it is but there’s got to be more.  You’d better find a way out, hey kick down that door…”

Lyrics Geldof, Rat Trap by The Boomtown Rats

It was 1976 and as a 13 year old I was fast discovering the important role music played and still does play in my life.  It was an exciting and invigorating period in musical history.  Our economy was in tatters and the ‘iron lady’ was at the height of her Government.  Punk rock was mystical and scary and yet one day in a small record shop I picked up a seven inch single that still to this day is my number one.  The record, Mary of the 4th form by an Irish band, The Boomtown Rats was just raw energy and captured my imagination.

I collected every press cutting, bought every record and attended their concerts.  Thirty-three years on and I was recently looking through their cuttings and one headline stood out.  It described their lead singer as likely to be bigger than Mick Jagger.  Well little did I know that he was going to fulfil that prophecy and also go on to have such a profound impact on our globe through his activism.  Bob Geldof certainly made history and again I was proud to be in Wembley Stadium at the Live Aid gigs but even prouder to meet him six months later at a Boomtown Rats gig.

It doesn’t surprise me that in running my company Bodyproject that  Sir Bob is still the guy I look up to; dishing out the best advice anyone could listen to and that his articulate prose is now being bestowed on us business types.  It is a difficult time for all in business but read these three quotes given by Sir Bob and I am sure you will feel entirely uplifted.

The quotes are taken from a conference hosted by Chris Cardell (

“…Find the idea.  Articulate it, so that everyone working with you agrees to this end object and it cannot be just money – it just can’t be – there has to be some other purpose because you are tired of the bleating of people who become successful…discontent is true of the entrepreneurial lot; so when you go out to make your own jobs, to create your own businesses, to make real intangibles like ideas – you are doing it I suggest for something other than simply cash…It’s the idea that excites you!  It is the realisation itself that you aren’t creatures of another person.  That you are determining your own life and fuck failure – It doesn’t exist.  Not to our mindset…”

Sir Bob Gedolf speaking at Chris Cardell’s Entrepreneurial Summit July 2010

Marketing in a sceptical world


Spieler – a Market Trader who tries to convince a customer in all manner of ways that a product is worth buying

Extract from the Market Traders Phrase Book

Every Sunday in Liverpool, Stanley Market is thronged with traders and punters and has the most amazing array of goods.  What always fascinates me is that even in 2010 some traders are still pedalling magic ‘shammy’ (chamois) leathers or miracle mops or conducting meat auctions.   “For you, not £20, not £15 but £5 and I will throw in half a dozen sausages!”

You would think in this modern era that such selling would have had its day.  Surely selling has become far more sophisticated and such methods are transparent and as dubious as the world of scams with e-mails from Africa bestowing riches upon us in exchange for our bank details, financial consultants selling duff policies and numerous people willing to take our money and run.  You would hope that the regulators of marketing, advertising and PR would protect us from anything approaching the definition of a scam. However, even the most experienced marketing person can be subjected to some very interesting selling techniques that raises questions about my profession – marketing.

Business owners across the land have been puzzled by a direct mailing consisting of a torn newspaper page with a handwritten Post-it note, which says “Hi, I saw this and thought you’d find it useful – he’s really good! J”. The page arrives in a plain white envelope, which appears to be addressed by hand, with a second-class stamp attached.

It’s a compelling communication and makes a ‘free’ offer that is too good to miss.  Except, like anything, one starts very quickly to suspect there is something not quite right.  This particular mailing comes from marketing expert Chris Cardell and is certainly causing a stir as it has raised fundamental questions about his methods and has somewhat backfired upon him.

The mailing has landed him with a referral to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and their adjudication makes sober reading –

For me, the Cardell approach is worth looking at.  Many of his materials, thoughts and techniques are fascinating although his brash and somewhat arrogant approach is not to my liking (If you want to see him in action selling to you from a luxurious location then enjoy this –  The problem is where to ‘draw a line’ in communications and to determine at what point Cardell’s methods push  beyond the boundaries.

Of course, read the direct mailing cutting and one begins to fast see through the gushing copy.  The handwritten post it note is clearly misleading as actually there is no person that knows you called J who may have sent this mailing and the whole presentation from the stamp, postmark and hand writing is all aimed to provoke certain actions without telling you this is actually just a marketing device.

For me, Cardell has stepped outside the rules and the ASA adjudication establishes this.  It has also given him an interesting challenge as he is a disciple of Google and evangelises their tools, except now his name in their search engine returns with the word ‘scam’ which is hardly great for a guru of advanced internet marketing.  It will be interesting to see how he responds .

Bodyproject feels distinctly uneasy about the reputation the likes of Cardell bestows on our industry; but at the same time he has something to offer that is unique and ultimately compelling.  There is also a perversity in me writing this as I have subscribed to his free offer and thus offered my e-mail address to his clutches, but in mitigation I have done so for professional research reasons as I am sure you will understand!!!!