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The Big Issue


“…A brand is a set of rational and emotional perceptions in the mind of the customer…”

Davide De Maestri – International Coaching Academy

Next Monday across the North of England there will be a change in the printed media that will be anticipated with some trepidation.  Of course media is always transforming and moving forward whether that be the introduction of colour, resizing from broadsheet to berliner or embracing the web; but this is a change that will have less of an impact on the owner and more of an impact on the vendor.

The Big Issue in the North is unveiling a new look – in their words it will introduce a magazine that is “cleaner, more coherent and stylish.”  So much for the brand speak but to be fair to the Big Life Company, the group of companies and charities that publishes the magazine, the change is fundamental.

Big Issue sellers are working and not begging and selling the magazine on the streets is not easy.  Not only does the vending taking place in all weathers but it relies on persuading people to buy the magazine and in this respect the look and content is all important.  A conversation I had with a vendor a few years ago highlighted this – from his perspective the cover image meant everything – a top celebrity or stunning cover image helped the sales.  So any change to the look and feel of this publication is important as for most vendors the money they earn from sales is their only source of income.

The problem is that many people just don’t understand the Big Issue and the Big Life Company hopes that this redesign will remind people of its purpose.  From my point of view the Big Issue in the North is vital reading and a must buy – not just because it helps homeless people earn a living, but because it is one of the best edited and written magazines I know.  Its content pushes boundaries with incisive writing and stimulating content, not just about homelessness.

To this end I am looking forward to the redesign, it is one that the Big Life company will have carefully considered, and I hope everyone who reads this will ensure that they go out and buy a Big Issue today and every week after.