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Catch It Bin It Kill It


“…To prevent the spread of flu, when you cough or sneeze, catch it in a clean tissue, bin it and kill it by washing your hands as soon as you can…”

Advice from the Department of Health 2009

Bodyproject endorses seven rules of communication and has at rule one the age old saying actions speak louder than words. The Government’s new campaign, that responds to the emerging flu virus that is now nearing classification as a pandemic, utilises another rule – the rule of three with the clear message for action – catch it bin it kill it.

The campaign is huge appearing on multiple outlets from a mass door drop to all points advertising and any other channels available.  

This blog supports the initiative not just because of its serious intent but also that it is an exemplary communication with a clear and concise set of three messages that aim to provoke behavioural change and real action.

So please encourage everybody you know to catch it bin it kill it.

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