All About Bodyproject

Bodyproject protects and promotes reputation through Advanced Stakeholder Management (ASM)™

ASM goes beyond the traditional aspects of stakeholder management around the protection of reputation and brand. ASM is an innovative strategy seeking to integrate the management of stakeholders into core business with visibility and control from senior leaders and board level rather than solely the preserve of PR, marketing and communications departments.

ASM adopts a strategic approach to stakeholder management leveraging key people and efforts across organisations placing appropriate responsibility, authority, and accountability. The stakeholder map is rapidly changing; there is growing recognition of the power of stakeholders – whether customers, employees, online communities, activists or special interest groups. There is a need to form more effective alliances, influencing all stakeholder groups to better understand their interests, motivations and seek their support and advocacy.

ASM gives direct commercial advantage by guiding our clients through the essential elements of stakeholder relationships, including the development of a better brand image, additional market insight, increased flow of new product and service ideas, improvement of internal business processes, better insight into consumer behaviour, new marketing channels for company products and services, and early warning of potential risk and crisis.

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